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How to Become a Budtender

There are certain traits that every budtender should have.  Should you be interviewed by your local dispensary for this position, below is what your potential boss is going to be looking for.  You should reasonably display this knowledge.

Budtending isn't just a job position.  Budtenders need to be experts.  This is what you should be experts in.Continue reading

3 Ways Florida Can Screw Up Medical Cannabis

Florida is set to be the 2nd biggest medical cannabis market in the United States.  However, Florida law makers don't have the best track record.  It is true that they might screw things up.

Below is a list of how 3 things that they might screw up.  As I was writing it I also realized that it can serve as a list of thing that prove that the cannabis business in Florida will inevitably be an open market.  Might not happen right away, but it will.  Due to the high demand for medical cannabis in Florida, a free and open market is the only way to actually meet that demand. Continue reading

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