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Joe Redner sues Florida over Medical Marijuana Rules

Count Joe Redner is an outspoken Strip Club owner in Tampa Bay. Yet Count Redner could be one of the many residents in Florida to sue the state for not following the will of the people regarding its cannabis ruling.

Law challenge

Two weeks after putting in place Florida's #medical marijuana laws governing how the plant should be grown, sold, and distributed throughout the state. Redner is suing the state to grow his own medical marijuana plants. But the ruling in Florida about medical marijuana says that residents throughout the state are not allowed to grow their own plants. Even if they are medical marijuana patients.

Redner is a lung cancer patient and he wants to grow his own cannabis plants because he is unsure about the quality of the cannabis products from licensed growers and dispensers.

Lawmakers will add ten additional licenses to the seven growers and dispensers in the state, which would bring the total to seventeen. Cannabis medication or prescription forms of cannabis use will come in pills, oils, drops, vape pens as prescribed by a doctor, and edibles. The only thing that a cannabis patient is unable to do is smoke the plant because it is banned within the state. Redner is challenging not only to grow his own cannabis plants but to even use the whole plant for multiple purposes.

"I'm a raw vegan. I am very careful about what I put in my body," Redner said to Tampa Bay Times.The officials in the Health Department have declined to comment on the matter due to the impending litigation of the lawsuit.

More to come

Redner is 77 years-old and is the owner of the Mons Venus club and is a registered cannabis patient under the new Florida Amendment. He is currently suffering from stage-four lung cancer and has battled brain cancer in the past. He is the first person to challenge the rulings about cannabis use in Florida. Redner stated that he wants to grow medical marijuana plants to make a juice drink out of them for himself. But since he is a cannabis patient he is barred from growing his own plants and using the whole plant.

The lawsuit that Redner is pursuing with the Health Department and the state of Florida is declaratory judgment and no damages. He is looking at clarifying the ruling that the whole plant can be used for cannabis patients. Redner is also looking to get a dispensary license, but his lawsuit and his clarification about the law might not be the last the state of Florida will see in any other lawsuits.

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5 Things Veterans Who Need Medical Marijuana Should Know

Even with medical and recreational marijuana laws expanding in states across the U.S., military veterans still have to struggle, in many instances, to access programs, due to the continued federal prohibition of cannabis.

Veterans need safe access

On a day like Memorial Day, we should definitely remember the sacrifices made by so many brave men and women who have given their lives for their fellow Americans. And since many of those who did survive returned with deep physical and psychological wounds, we have to reaffirm our commitment to the fight for safe access for all veterans.

More than 22 veterans commit suicide every day, according to advocacy groups. It doesn’t have to be this way. Cannabis has shown incredible promise in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), any many other conditions faced by our returning heroes.

Here are a few things of which veterans and those who love them should be aware.

1. Veterans who participate in state-approved medical marijuana programs will not be denied healthcare

This is now official VA policy. Even so, the use and possession of cannabis are prohibited at all VA medical centers, locations and grounds, and VA physicians are not allowed to complete paperwork or forms for veteran patients to participate in these programs.

VA will not pay for medical marijuana from any source. While veterans are “encouraged” to discuss cannabis use with their VA providers, they can still run the risk of losing their pain pill prescriptions when they do so. According to the VA,

VA doctors and clinical staff will record marijuana use in the veteran’s VA medical record along with its impact on the veteran’s treatment plan.

Veterans who are employees of the VA are subject to drug testing and dismissal.

2. Cannabis is safer than your prescriptions

Kate Cochran Morgan, a veteran of the Navy hospital corps, reports KXAN,

Every day, veterans are prescribed dangerous and addictive pharmaceutical drugs to treat service-related injuries and illnesses.

Many of these drugs cause side effects for which another pill is prescribed. Cannabis can help treat conditions like PTSD and chronic pain, and it has a better safety profile than aspirin.

It is unacceptable that veterans are being denied access to this medicine.

3. Veterans suffering from PTSD are currently participating in the first clinical trial studying the effectiveness of treatment with cannabis

Each of the 76 participants will undergo treatment with marijuana over a 12-week period, with a required six-month follow-up, reports the Daily Caller. Researchers are hoping the results can give guidance to lawmakers in terms of future policy when it comes to treating veterans.

The study, funded by a $2 million grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, is expected to greatly increase knowledge about the medical properties and uses of marijuana.

4. The politicians are finally showing signs of catching up

For the first time ever, the U.S. Senate last year included a stipulation in the military appropriations bill to allow Veterans Administration doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients in states where it is legal.

5. You aren’t facing this alone; there are a number of organizations here to help

Several national organizations exist to help veterans navigate the process of accessing medicinal cannabis.

The California-based nonprofit Weed For Warriors Project, for example, has chapters across that state, as well as in Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, D.C., and Wisconsin. WFWP educates veterans on the benefits of medical marijuana while providing free cannabis to veterans who have proof of service and a current medical marijuana authorization.

The Weed for Warriors is a grassroots organization that is attempting to help bodies plain and simple.

What occurs within our Chapters goes beyond just access to cannabis, one of the only medicines stemming the tide of suicides and overdoses in this country.

It is the camaraderie that heals and creates a tremendous safety net for all of us that is just plain lacking for too many. – Sean Kiernan, president of WFWP

Other groups helping veterans in the struggle for safe access include Grow For Vets, which has chapters in California, Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state; and the Veterans Cannabis Project (VCP), which is in the midst of a plan to expand nationwide.

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Join us at CannaDay Tampa Bay for our veterans panel.  Representatives of Weed For Warriors Project, Buds 4 Vets, and Veterans United will discuss veterans issues when it comes to obtaining the medicine they deserve.


Drug Free America Foundation wants Marijuana Special Session

The Drug Free America Foundation is adding its voice to those calling for a Special Session on Medical Marijuana Implementation, according to a Monday press release.

“It is critical that our leaders call a special session to complete the unfinished business of implementing Amendment 2,” said Calvina Fay, executive director of the Foundation. “Moreover, it is short-sighted to think that the lack of legislation to implement Amendment 2 will stop the marijuana industry from operating.”

Fay, among other examples, cited a recent cease and desist letter from the Department of Health to Trulieve, telling it to stop selling its whole-flower cannabis product meant for vaping that also could be broken down and smoked.

“These and other similar issues are all addressed in compromise legislation that died when members of the legislature could not come to an agreement on the number of dispensaries allowed for each licensee,” Fay added.

“It is imperative that our legislators come together, take action and not allow the marijuana industry to operate as it does in some states, with no regards to public health and safety.”

A Special Session could be called jointly by Senate President Joe Negron and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, but Negron has not yet made up his mind whether to convene lawmakers.

The regular 2017 Legislative Session ended earlier this month without agreement on a bill.

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How Much Do the New Florida Regulations Really Affect Your Opportunity in the Industry

In reality the only thing illegal about cannabis in Florida is the THC. Three or four of almost 100 cannabinoids are the only components law enforcement really cares about.

In Florida, if you are below .03% THC you are considered Hemp oil. While THC (and sister cannabinoids THCa & TCHv) are responsible for many benefits, it's not everything. Recreationally, if you want to get high, then you are going to want THC.

But as it turns out people would rather feel better than get high. That’s why the price of CBD, another cannabinoid, has exceeded the cost of THC extract over the past year.

You’ve heard of CBD, but here’s the thing. CBD on is just one cannabinoid. Full spectrum hemp oil contains every cannabinoid with very low levels of THC.

And of course, just like there are different cannabinoid profiles for different strains of cannabis, there are different cannabinoid profiles for different hemp oils.

But have you seen that on the shelf yet? You've seen CBD. Have you seen specific cannabinoid profiles to help with certain conditions? Specific cannabinoid profiles to help with daily balance and wellness? You haven't because they aren't there yet. But there are coming and they represent a bigger industry than THC.

Cannabinoid therapy represents a HUGE opportunity, because again feeling better is more popular than getting high.

Cannabinoids are popular because they help people feel better with only healthy side effects like decreased inflammation and pain alleviation. Balancing your body's endocannabinoid system leading to overall health is a pretty great side effect.

Hemp oil can be even richer in certain cannabinoids than actual cultivated cannabis. Several medical companies are beginning clinical trials on just CBD and CBG to develop medicines to treat MS in 2018. It's the future of medicine and health.

Legalization of cannabis has paved the way for education. For millions to learn the benefits of cannabinoid therapy.

Come learn about the great opportunities for you here in Florida at CannaDay Tampa Bay on June 3rd.


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