Complete Schedule of Upcoming Legislative Delegations

One of the greatest things about our democratic system of government is not just that is it a representative system, but also a participatory government. That means that any citizen can express his or her ideas and views to their representatives and help to make changes in the development of legislation.

The cannabis industry in Florida is still in its infancy and mired in growing pains legislatively. Changes need to be made for the benefit of all. We are excited to say that just such an opportunity is here, in the months leading up to this year’s legislative session.

Florida Cannabis Coalition is excited to provide you with this schedule of upcoming Legislative Delegations in most of counties around Florida. Each county will have a time where you can speak to all of the state representatives and senators from that area, all at one time, without having to visit them in their district office or in a Tallahassee.

You can tell them how to tweak the current cannabis laws, recommend new ones or express concerns over the way the current program is being implemented.

Representative government means that you need to speak to your elected officials, as a representatives of the electorate. You can be the catalyst for change. Check out the schedule, go to the appropriate county page and Check for more details.

In some instances, you will find links to agendas and to forms to sign up for public comment.

Sign up as early as you can.

Speak to power.

They need to hear from you.

Gary Stein



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