DEA Removes Marijuana Misinformation from Website

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is no stranger to spreading misinformation about drugs and cannabis in particular.  So much of their budget comes from enforcing cannabis laws so naturally they would want to keep public opinion in their favor.

But the truth always prevails in the end. 

Thanks to the decrease in publc stigmas toward marijuana and the actions of the advocacy group, Americans for safe Access, the DEA has removed some of the inaccurate information about marijuana from their website.

Americans for Safe Access put in a legal request, where they argues that there was over 25 incorrect statements about cannabis on the DEA website.  This misinformation violated the Information Quality Act, which prohibits goverment agencies from providing false information to the public and requires them to respond to requests for correction of information within 60 days.

It worked!

“The DEA’s removal of these popular myths about cannabis from their website could mean the end of the Washington gridlock” said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access. “This is a victory for medical cannabis patients across the nation, who rely on cannabis to treat serious illnesses. The federal government now admits that cannabis is not a gateway drug, and doesn’t cause long-term brain damage, or psychosis. While the fight to end stigma around cannabis is far from over, this is a big first step.”


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