F.C.C. Membership Options


$99 / YEAR

Ideal for someone looking to get their feet wet, and ensure they start in the right direction.

Plus get great deals on smoke and vape stuff.



$399 / YEAR

Perfect for professionals and entrepreneurs with a business idea or current cannabis related businesses.



$999 / YEAR

Great for those serious and ready to jump into the industry and take advantage of all the best networking opportunities and connections in Florida.

Comes with 90 min one-on-one consultation with Common Bond Consulting



$4999 / YEAR

For those with current businesses looking for the best way to reach new customers. 

Business members are subject to approval and must offer benefits to Florida Cannabis Coalition.


Florida Cannabis Coalition is the largest and oldest cannabis business organization in Florida.

  • We are advocates, entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors.
  • We hold weekly educational and networking events.
  • We are trusted for the most accurate and reliable information
  • We provide the most valuable connections related to the cannabis industry in Florida.
  • We have the experience to steer marijuana businesses in the right direction.