Rally in Tally: To Save Medical Marijuana

As our legislature comes together to decide what laws will dictate the regulations to our new medical cannabis system under Amendment 2, the various NORML chapters in the State are coming together to let our lawmakers know what the voters voted for back in November. Today starts the NORML Lobby Days!

We did a recent podcast with Norml of Florida's Legal Director Michael Minardi explaining the event, which you can listen to above.

Join them on the steps of the Florida Historic Capitol Building to lobby and take action as we near the end of the 2017 Session.

Please find NORML Lobby Day's schedule, notes, and talking points below!


  • April 18th
    • Brunch with Legislators 10:00-11:30 (Capitol Courtyard near the House Office Building)
    • Meetings with Members 12:30 - 3:00 PM,
    • Press conference at 4:20 PM on the steps of the Historic Capitol.
      • Michael Minardi, Criminal Defense Cannabis Warrior, will speak alongside Veterans in support of equal access to the whole-plant.
  • April 19th Meetings with Members until Noon


If you wish to speak (and hopefully you do!) find one of the Senate Sergeants at Arms and fill out a speaker card when you arrive. You will have 2-3 minutes to speak at most. Please try and have a statement or set of points you can reasonably articulate in under 2 minutes. The meeting will end promptly at 6, regardless of whether all speakers get an opportunity to speak. Please be respectful and thank the Senators for their efforts to implement Amendment 2 with respect for the will of the voters, and for the patients who need medical marijuana. Offer constructive criticism! But always be respectful and not antagonistic. The Senate bill is far from perfect but it is significantly better that what either the House or DOH has proposed. Speak as a voter and remind the Senators of their obligation to the voters who passed Amendment 2. Always keep your comments focused on the needs of patients, caregivers and their families. Talking Points: This is for the 71% and not Mel Sembler, Calvina Fay and the less than 29% who voted 'no'! Sen. Bradley's proposed amendment to issue more new MMTC licenses is a great start, but doesn't go far enough towards serving the needs of the potentially hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering Floridians in this state.Bradley's amendment provides 5 new MMTC licenses now and 4 every 75,000 patients thereafter. Patients to be served by more than a handful of large, marijuana businesses!!!

:::::::TALKING POINTS::::::

*Bradley's amendment provides 5 new MMTC licenses now and 4 every 75,000 patients thereafter* Patients to be served by more than a handful of large, marijuana businesses!!! *Expanding the marketplace means a better result for patients. Period. *Better physical/geographical access. *Better prices for patients. *Better selection of products, strains, etc. for the treatment of specific conditions. *The Senate should allow many more companies to serve Florida's patient population, but consider limiting the number of retail outlets each MMTC can open. Currently, MMTCs can open as many retail stores (dispensaries) as they can afford to. No other states allow licensed medical marijuana growers to do so; doing so creates big businesses that stifle competition and ultimately harm patient access to the best, and best priced, products. *If current patient ONLY* Only say what applies, if any. Prices at XXXXXXX Dispensing Organization are too high. Product selection is poor. They are often out of stock. Deliveries are expensive and the wait is long. *Any other issues you have with the current system.* Please consider expanding the market for medical marijuana even further than what you've proposed today. Don't do it so people can make profit, do it for patients across Florida. *If you like, mention other issues you have with the legislation. Remember to stay respectful throughout. Press conference and announcement of NORML Tallahassee Chapter at 4:20pm.

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