The Secret Joint Committee Meeting on Medical Marijuana They Don’t Want You to Know About

Thursday, October 12th at 8 AM - 12 PM
Sheraton Tampa Brandon Hotel
10221 Princess Palm Ave, Tampa, Florida 33610

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It's VERY IMPORTANT that Floridians show up to this meeting to show support to let the establishment government officials, politicians, doctors & bureaucrats know that we mean business!

The last thing we want to risk happening is seeing this industry over regulated to the point where it is too difficult for the average Floridian to get safe, easy access to a medical card from a qualified & ethical doctor.


Showing up is more than enough. We need to hold them accountable so that they don't kill our medical cannabis program by over regulating access.


*Cannabis is the most regulated medication that has zero chance for fatal overdose.

*There is far less scrutiny of medication like pain meds, antipsychotics and anti-depressives that can be far more hazardous.

*Fear of scrutiny is scaring off good doctors and putting the medical cannabis program at risk. Without doctors to certify patients, there is no medical cannabis program that 71% of the voters demanded.

*Medical cannabis is not being taught in medical schools or even teaching hospitals, so doctors seeking to practice go to seminars for CEU’s, which often makes them more educated then members of the Board.

*How can the Board decide whether the medical cannabis doctors Decision is right when they are not in the examination room with the patient?

*This is not regulation, this is an intrusion in the sacred interaction between the doctor and patient.

*Concerns regarding increased use of cannabis for pain over standard analgesics is misplaced. Cannabis use has been associated with less opioid use and decreased rates of addiction. It is the exit drug, not the gateway.

*More patients are seeking cannabis use as a way to avoid increased prescription drug use, and many are finding better results. The BOM’s Pattern Board would be putting the patients needs second to the profits of big Pharma.

*Reduced regulation of cannabis for pain management would be a primary prevention of the opioid crisis.

*Bad actors in the medical cannabis field will be weeded out by the free market. The BOM needs to concentrate their efforts in going after the bad actors in other medical fields, as they have done so well in the past.

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