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What is the Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana Reality Check? – Webinar Preview

Tamika and Erik Range from Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana (M4MMJ) and Art420 stopped by the Canna-Talk-About-It studios to talk to Bryan and Carlos about their M4MMJ Reality Check Webinar.


**Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana Reality Check Webinar**

a free webinar from Florida Cannabis Coalition

**April 15 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm**



Take a look at the live video here by clicking here!

Also support their email campaign!

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Episode 004: The Gold Episode

Bryan leaves Carlos behind to go out and live the high life in Denver for a week!

But now worries!

Bryan took a bunch of interviews at CannaBiz Day Orlando!

On today's episode, Bryan interviews Mike Wong of the GLUU and Bob Reiley of High Life Magazine!

Bryan also took the time to talk to some members of the Florida Cannabis Coalition and they discuss the advantages of being a member if you want to join the Florida Cannabis Industry!


Episode 003: CannaBiz Day Orlando Recap

Bryan had the opportunity to sit down and talk to some of the cannabis industry leaders and activists that the Florida Cannabis Coalition hosted at the CannaBiz Day Orlando Event.  This week we bring you those interviews on our show.

Bryan had the opportunity to speak to:


Erik Range

CEO, Art 420
Chair, Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana

Sapphire_Tony Gallo Headshot (3)

Tony Gallo

Managing Partner, Sapphire Risk Advisory

jill amen

Jill Amen

President & Founder, House of Jane


George Martorano

Sentenced to the longer than anyone else in history for the nonviolent and victimless crime of selling cannabis.  George was sentenced to life in prison without parole!